MAILAB - Acquiring dataset from the MS SQL database

MAILAB - Acquiring dataset from the MS SQL database

Summary: this document describes how to connect to database in MAILAB AI and gain data from tables to Data Sets

This feature is available for version 1.04E and later 

Open Mialab (1)  and start the project (2)

Go to Data Set tab (1) and add new dataset (2)
Give the dataset a name and select DB as the source of the data (3)

Now it is necessary to set DB Connection (1)
Select type of DataBase Server. You can use MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server (2)
Provide necessary setting - IP address of SQL Server, port number, DB name and SQL user (3)
Try to perform connection test (4)
If it is succeded you will see message (5)

Now, create query 

Generate sample query (1)
Change sample database name to some of the tables in your Database (2)
Run the query (3), if succeeded, you will se message (4) 
Then switch to  acquired data to see you dataset (5)

If you have DB Connection and Query configures, click NEXT

Check your data and click Complete

Now, you have a table with data downloaded from your database table. You can start training AI based on this data

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