CCLink IE Field Basic- FR-E700 A7NETH-2P and Fx5U

INV - FR-E700 - Connection FX5U and A7NETH-2P over CCLink IE Field Basic

This document describes how to set CCLink IEF Basic communication between FR-E700 + Ethernet multiprotocol communication interface A7NETH-2P and Fx5U PLC.
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These Function Blocks are demo versions that are only  intended to demonstrate program functions and provide general orientation for  your software choices. They are not suitable for use in real applications! "

"Improper use of demo versions in applications can lead to serious malfunctions  and damage! Programs for real applications must always be configured for the  individual application by trained staff and tested thoroughly before being  used.

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1. Basics

Physical connection:
  1. PLC Fx5U (Built-in Ethernet port)
  2. A7NETH-2P (Ethernet Port 1)
  3. Inverter FR-E720ES-030SC-EC
  4. Ethernet cable direct or via switch
  1. GxWorks3 (PLC)
  2. FRConfigurator2 (INV)
  3. Mitsubishi Configurator Studio (A7NETH-2P)
  1. GxWorks3 1.060N
  1. FR-Configurator 2 1.21X
  1. Mitsubishi Configurator Studio software
  1. A7NETH-2P Manual and documents
The required license codes can be obtained from dedicated sales engineer

2. PLC parameter settings

  1. Open Ethernet Port parameter

  1. Set IP Adress parameters and enable CCLink IEF Basic Function

  1. Set Network Configuration and Refresh Settings parameter

3. A7NETH-2P parameters setting

Use A7NETH-2P Instruction manual to prepare instalation of the communication option board. Interracting with the system can be performed via USB (Using a mini-B USB cable).
  1. The manual presents an example of data format

  1. The manual presents a list of control and status word that can be used to transfer data between PLC and INV

  1. The manual presents a detailed list of each bit in the control and status word

With this information you can proceed to set the card parameter using Mitsubishi Configurator studio
  1. First Double click on A7NETH-2P [1.1.25]

  1. In Project Tree we can see summary of actual set parameters

  1. There is option to restore factory settings of card parameters

  1. After restoring factory settings or the first time you start a new card, select the card model

  1. Ethernet option

  1. CCLink IEF Basic communication type

  1. Set Network configuration

  1. Option card allows to set two types of send parameters
Produced I/O Data – INV -> PLC
Consumed I/O Data – PLC -> INV

  1. Produced and consumed data are word type data

  1. Selecting the parameter causes the appearance of warning

Each parameter that we want to use and was described in the tables from the documentation must be set. For example we will use 2 produced data words ( Inverter status – register nb 100 and Output frequency – register nb 201) also we well use 2 consumed data words (Command register – register nb 1 and Command frequency RAM – register nb 2)
  1. Produced data words settings

  1. We perform the same procedure for Consumed I/O data

  1. Consumed data words setting

  1. The result of these operation

  1. Download Configuration and reset the card

  1. In Project Tree we can see summary of actual set parameters

4. INV parameter settings

  1. The manual presents a detailed list of Inverter parameters that need to be used to transfer data between PLC and INV

  1. Example of parameters (After setting the network parameters in the card, the network parameters in the inverter should be updated automatically).

5. Diagnostics

6. Example of program

Data transfer PLC->INV
W101 - Command Frequency RAM (20Hz)
W100 - Command Register b1. Forward Rotation Command

In Mitsubishi Configurator Studio there is opportunity to monitor command register

Data transfer INV->PLC
W1 - Output Frequency (20Hz)
W0 - Status Register b0.RUN, b1.FWD, b3.SU, b6.FU

In Mitsubishi Configurator Studio there is opportunity to monitor status register

7. Attachments: 

File name:



File with PLC program/configuration




Flie with A7NETH-2P configuration


Flie with FR-E700 configuration