CNC system selector tool :

The web application for selection CNC hardware is the application that in 5 simple steps of selection will drive You to complete CNC package generation.

The mentioned steps are to select:
- CNC controller
- I/O modules 
- Axis and spindle motors
- Additional accessories

All the steps are also the main tabs of selector menu to make it simplier to use.

The 5th and the last step is to go to the HARDWARE PACKAGE tab, select the most suitable drives type for Your project and press GENERATE PACKAGE button.
Once You genearate the the package You can export the Excel file with complete hardware list and also the text file with the description what this list contains just for the better overview of You customer.

If You are new in the CNC selection You can find offical materials in HELP tab (on the top of the page).
You can find there all manuals needed to get familiar wiht the CNC selection topics:

Complete specification of the CNC controllers: M800/M80/E80/C80 Series Specifications Manual (Function)
Complete specification of the Axis and Spindle Motors: Numerical Control (CNC) DRIVE SYSTEM DATA BOOK (MDS-E/EH/EJ/EJH/EM/EMH)
Complete guide in the whole package selection: NC Specification Selection Guide M800/M80/E80/C80 Series

If You have any question please contact us:
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