Connecting MX OPC Server UA to FX5 via Melsoft Connection

Connecting MX OPC Server UA to FX5 via Melsoft Connection

This article show how to configure connection between MX OPC Server UA and FX5 via Melsoft Connection.

FX5 side configuration

Open your FX5 project in GX Works3 to add new/additional Melsoft Connection.
Go to the Navigation tree -> Parameter -> FX5UCPU -> Module Parameter -> Ethernet Port.
Then from the Module Parameter Ethernet Port tab please open External Device Configuration -> Detailed Setting.

Drag and drop MELSOFT Connection Module  from Module List -> Ethernet Selection -> Ethernet Device (General) -> MELSOFT Connection Module.

MX OPC Server UA side connection

Please check in Windows tray if MX OPC Server UA is running. If you can see the MX OPC icon in the tray that mean the server is running.

Open MX OPC Server UA Configuration Tool from menu Start.

Once you run Configuration Tool please add New MX Device as it is on ilustration below.

Click "Configure"

Select PC side I/F to : Ethernet board (MELSOFT).

Change the Connect module to : CPU module. Then click Next.

Now fill-in the IP Address of You device you want to connect or click Find CPU button to automatically find the device.

If You click the Find CPU button. Please select your device from list of found devices.

Confirm selected decive.

Confirm station and CPU type.

You can add comment to your connection.

Confirm connection by pressing OK or do communication test by pressing Comm. Test… button.

If You press Ok. Now you can add the proper name for Your connection and click Save.

Now you can see your connection in TagFile Content tree under Address Space branch . Open the content menu by pressing right mouse button on you conncetion name and click New DataTag…

Fill in the name for your tag. Point out I/O Address. Optionally you can change the Polling time of this tag. Click Save to confirm the settings.

Now you can see your tag on the list of tags for your connection.

To test the connection and read actual value of your tag please click on the Monitor view (glasses icon). If your connection working fine you will see the Status as Good and in the Value column you should see the actual value of your tag.