Connection between E1000 and FX5 via MC Protocol

Connection between E1000 and FX5 via MC Protocol

This document describes how to establish communication between the E1000 HMI and the iQ-F controller.
The MC protocol is implemented in the E1000, which allows us to connect to multiple Mitsubishi Electric devices.
MC Protocol is an open communication protocol found in PLCs, HMIs, drives and other automation components.
The MC protocol has a successor called SLMP which is fully MC compatible.
For this reason, we can communicate the E1000 with the iQ-F even though the E1000 is an older product.

E1000 Settings

Set the following parameters.

In the "Settings" tab, the protocol of the lower layers can be selected.
This setting must match the iQ-F parameters.

In the "Stations" tab, set the same IP address and port number as in the iQ-F.

iQ-F Settings

Add  SLMP connection to the Ethernet port configuration.

You have to set the same port number as in E1000 (PLC -> Port No).
In case of the UDP protocol, the E1000 IP address has to be specified.

In case of TCP protocol, port number is enough.