PLC device assigment confirmation CC-Link TSN

PLC - GX Works 3 - Device Assignment Confirmation CC Link/CC Link IE TSN

This article describe Device Assignment Confirmation function in GX Works3 (GX Works2 works the same way), which helps to manage information about mapping of stations registers.

Creating CC Link and CC Link IE TSN configuration, we the possibility to use tool called Device Assignment Confirmation. This tool allows us to easily confirm, which remote station Link registers, are map to which PLC registers. This tool you can open by clicking on icon showed below:

In the tool window you can choose specified network master module. In example there two types of master module added to project.

After choosing right master module, the window with descriptiption of Link registers of specified remote stations and their mapped PLC registers will be displayed as user friendly list. Some network profiles like inverters have additional descriptions which shows functions of listed link registers.