Error number sending to HMI_PLC (Programs running continuously, Always mode)

Error number sending to HMI_PLC (Programs running continuously, Always mode)

This is an universal solution describing how to send actual error code or other data from robot all the time (even if robot is in Error State).

This solution uses State Variable, Multitasking function and program set in Always (permanent) mode.

I Program for data exchanging

Define a separate program which will be performed independently in Always mode. In example below program name is: DATA

In the program use desired rewriting to outputs. For example in order to rewrite actual robot's error code, a special M_ErrNo state variable is used. In this case the value is written to CC-Link network (6000 outputs area).


If the same manner the other important data can be sent from robot all the time.

II Registration program in Always mode

 Register selected program in an order below

1 Open Slot Table paremeters

2 Select one spare slot (with no program name)

3 Click Set… and confirm next window about reading program list

4 In Slot Table Parameter Setting chose desired program

5 Set condition to ALWAYS

6 Write parameters and restart robot

After restarting the robot the program will run.


III Working test

If any error occures, its code is sent by defined outputs:

IV Program's (run in Always mode) changing

If there is a need to make changes in a program which already works in Always mode, the special stopping procedure must be run.

1 Open Slot Run State in a Monitor tab

2 Click Stop All Program button


Now all programs are stopped and can be opened and edited.

After changes done, reboot a robot to run programs in Always mode again.

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