FAG SmartCheck ethernet connection to Q PLC

Smart Check -FAG - ethernet connection to Q PLC

This project submit configuration of ethernet connection between Q PLC and SmartCheck. 

Q settings

Select "MC Protocol" and the port number if you are communicating with the built-in port. SmartCheck can communicate via TCP and UDP.

Restricted ports list:
In addition, it is necessary to select the possibility of changing the values of registers online:

When using the QJ71E71 Ethernet module, set in the Open Setting tab: 

Fixed Buffer -> Send / Receive setting does not matter in this case.
In addition, in the "Operation Setting" tab, select:

Restricted ports list:


FAG SmartCheck settings

Add device.
After the IP address and port number setting, you can check the communication by pressing the "Connection test" button.

Reading register from the controller, example of speed reading from register D100. 
In the above window, you can scale the value, set the unit, and set the reading interval.

Checking the register reading from Q: 

Change of the speed signal source in the measuring jobs, from constant speed to the speed read on the network:

Send values from SmartCheck to Q:

‚ÄčIn the above window, you should mark what values and statuses you want to send. 
In this example, we are sending the vibration velocity value and the status of diagnostic indicator.
In the configuration, you must provide the initial register from which the values will be written. 

The first register contains the configuration version, enter the configuration number in this register (in this case 1) in the PLC program: 
If the configuration number does not match, SmartCheck will report an error. 
Each change in configuration results in increasing the number by one. 

The second register contains the communication status and the third is the device status. 
The data we want to send begins from the fourth register. 

Function check: 


File name:


GX Works 2 Sample project

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