FR-E800 CC-Link IE Field Basic Function Blocks (iQ-F/iQ-R)

FR-E800 CC-Link IE Field Basic Function Blocks (iQ-F/iQ-R)

This project contains the configuration and commissioning of function blocks for controlling FR-E800 inverters using the CC-Link IE Field Basic network.

  1. Inverter parameters.

1.1 Set Pr. 544 to value 18.

1.2 Set Pr. 1429, 1436, 1449-1454 as on the picture below.

1.3 Pr. 414 should have value 0 (default value).

  1. PLC configuration.

2.1 Open Ethernet Port settings. 

2.2 Enter the IP Address and Subnet Mask.

2.3 Double-click on ‘Not to Use’ to change it into ‘Use’.

2.4 Double-click on ‘Detailed Setting’ in Network Configuration Settings.

2.5 Click ‘Detect Now’ and then ‘Close with Reflecting the Setting’.

2.6 Double-click on ‘Detailed Setting’ in Refresh Settings.

2.7 Fill in as the table below.

2.8 Import library.

2.9 Open User Library.

2.10 Add function blocks.

2.11 Add Global Label.

2.12 Add Structured Data Type.

2.13 Optionally you might add a demo program.

2.14 Open ‘InverterBasicGlobalLabel’.

2.15 Open ‘Detailed Setting’.

2.16 Fill the values as in point 2.7.