FX5 Simple Motion : Basics JOG

FX5 with Simple Motion : Basic settings and JOG


his article shows how to configure and use the Simple-Motion FX5-40SSC module.

The article begins with the basic module configuration, then shows the process of adding an axis to a project and the basic FB function blocks to support the servo drive.

Simple-Motion FX5-40SSC/FX5-80SSC module

There are two versions of the Simple-Motion module for FX5: the 4-axis FX5-40SSC and the 8-axis FX5-80SSC.

Adding the SM module to the project in GX Works 3

Adding a module to the project is made in the [Module Configuration] window by dragging the selected module to the right of the CPU unit.

MR Configurator

The basic configuration of the servo drive can be made in the MR Configurator program, which we open by selecting [Parameter] → [Module Information] → [FX5-40SSC] → {Simple Motion Module Setting (Module Extended Parameter]. In this program we have access to all module parameters including speed limits, acceleration ramps, DOG sensor settings and stop functions (STO, SS1, SS2).

Configuration of a new axis

In the [Parameter] → [Basic Parameters 1] → [Unit setting] window, by clicking on the "…" icon, you can open the configuration help window, which allows you to easily convert servo parameters.

Module Label

To get to the function blocks and built-in SM module labels, go to the Module tab and find the required element.

Axis monitor

It is a tool for reading the available parameters of the Simple-Motion module in real time. It allows you to monitor the status of all axes simultaneously.


The servo drive is ready for JOG operation. For this purpose, it is enough to enter the expected speed of rotation, axis number and activate the input responsible for the direction of rotation.