Generating an HL file in Adtech Licensing Utility v. and above

Generating an HL file in Adtech Licensing Utility v. and above

This article is a short step-by-step guide on how to get an HL file in the newest version of Adtech Licensing Utility.

1. Plugin HASP into spare USB Port.

2. Launch the Adtech Licensing Utility under Adroit or MAPS folder in the Start Menu:

3. Make sure the HASP is detected by the Adtech Licensing Utility:

4. Navigate to Additional Options -> Generate license request file and click it:

5. By default the HASP c2v request file will be saved to and can be found under the following path C:\Users\Public\Documents\AdroitTechnologies\ with the following filename: HL -[HASP ID of HASP] .c2v

6. Please e-mail this file to your Mitsubishi Electric sales representative with a short message containing licensing requirements.

7. After receiving a .v2c license file from Adroit click Update existing/Install new license in Additional Options menu and select a file that has been sent to you.

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