How to control FR-E800-E by iQ-R over CC-Link IE TSN

How to control FR-E800-E by iQ-R over CC-Link IE TSN

This article how to set up CC-Link IE TSN connection between iQ-R PLC and FR-E800 inverter. It also presents ready to use function blocks to realize basic control, read inverter monitors as well as read and write E800 parameters through the network. 

Inverter setup

In case of FR-E800-_(SC)EPA/(SC)EPB CC-link IE TSN is a default communication protocol. It’s not necessary to change any of the Inverter parameters to be able to control FR-E800 using CC-Link IE TSN. To assign expected IP address of the inverter use parameters 1434 – 1437 or dedicated tool in FR Configurator2 (menu Tool >> Ethernet parameter setting).

Network configuration

Sample project with network configuration you can find in attachments to this article.

Setup communication parameters of CC-Link IE TSN module as described below. 

Station No./IP Address Setting
– set IP Address of CC-Link IE TSN master module

Network Configuration Setting
– add slave devices

Use Connected/Disconnected Module Detection button to detect connected devices or add inverter from Module List.


Refresh Setting – Setup auto-refresh devices


Communication Period Setting – set communication period and system reservation time according to inverter requirements.


Connection Device Information – allow to connect Authentication Class A device to the network


Communication speed – set communication speed to 100Mbps when all connected devices are 100Mbps

Dedicated Function Blocks

Library files and sample project you can find in attachments to this article.

Library import

First of all user library have to be registered. Select Register User Library… from Library tap of Element Selection and browse library file.


Each FB in FR_E800_R_CLLIE_Lib library uses FR_E800_CCLink_data structure to pass data between FB registers where data received from inverter are stored. It is necessary to define global variable related to each inverter that will be controlled and assign correct addresses to those variables based on refresh setting of CC-Link IE.


Function Blocks

Details of each function block you can find in attached documentation.

FR_E800_R_CCLIE_Control - basic inverter control

This function block  performs basic inverter control – start, set frequency, reset  errors.
R_E800_R_CCLIE_Status - reading inverter status
This function block reads basic status of inverter like status of terminal, output frequency and output current.

FR_E800_R_CCLIE_Status - reading inverter status

This function block reads current status of inverter.

FR_E800_R_CCLIE_Monitor - reading inverter monitors

This function block reads monitors of inverter defined you user.

FR_E800_R_CCLIE_ParameterRead - reading parameter value

This function block reads value of specified by user parameter.

FR_E800_R_CCLIE_ParameterWrite - writing parameter value

This function block writes specified by user value to the specified parameter.