Iconics Suite - Dynamic tag - Always on scan / Scan rate option explanation

Iconics Suite - Dynamic tag - Always on scan / Scan rate option explanation

This article explains when and how to use "Always on scan" option for Dynamic Tag

What's Always On Scan option for?

You can configure the Dynamic tag with option Always on scan.
If the Always on scan option is checked then the interval of communication should be as it's in the Scan Rate data input.

How to check actual time of communication of particular tag?

To check actual communication time interval please use EPS (Extended Point Syntax) -> Timestamp
Process point will show you exact time of communication between Iconics and device register.


  1. Always On Scan -> ON
In this case the communication between OPC and Iconics will refresh data every time interval pointed in Scan Rate data input.
  1. Always On Scan -> OFF
In this case, the frequency of communication is imposed by the client. If it is GraphWorX, the screen has its own scan rate parameter in the properties, e.g. default 500ms, and this will be used. Additionally, if a given point is subscribed to by Hyper Historian, e.g. every 10 seconds, this communication will also take place.
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