Iconics Suite - connect any folder to AnyGlass folder - folder junction - [Iconics best practices]

Iconics Suite - Connect any folder to AnyGlass folder - folder junction - [Iconics best practices]

This article will show you to to do the folder junction between any folder and AnyGlass folder
The advantage is that c:\anyNameFolder doesn’t require administrator rights to manage files.

We will do folder junction for  c:\anyNameFolder and Anyglass folder.

After setting this junction you can put your displays in c:\anyNameFolder and their address in browser will be http://domainPcName/AnyGlass/anyNameFolder/Display1.gdfx or http://pcIPaddress/AnyGlass/anyNameFolder/Display1.gdfx


Here is the trick:

  1. Prepare folder for your web displays e.g. c:\anyNameFolder
  2. Please run Windows Explorer
  3. Go to the C:\Program Files\ICONICS\GENESIS64\WebSites\AnyGlass
  4. Please run Windows Powershell as administrator (from Windows Explorer)

      5. Write command cmd and hit enter.


      6. Write command mklink /J anyNameFolder c:\anyNameFolder and hit enter.



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