Iconics Suite - Data storage in Hyper Historian Logger

Iconics Suite - Data storage in Hyper Historian Logger

Summary: this document describes difference in setting in Hyper Historian Logger. Storage Limit Condition, Actions are described 

Hyper Historian Logger - Delete Old Files 

First test was done using the 'Delete Old Files' option. Condition is Minimum Time Extent and Minimum Total Size
Time is set to 1 hour and the size to 10MB
Conditions are checked every 1 minute

After the Size exceed 10Mb, the file is still in the folder, because Minimum Time Extent is not reached yet

After 1 hour, the file is deleted and new file is created

Hyper Historian Logger - Archieve Old Files 

Now Delete Old FIles was switched into Archieve Old FIles
The archived ones are located by default in the same folder as the new ones. Now, both files are kept in this folder and won't be delated

The application has access to both files, including those that have been archived. The fact that a file is already archived does not mean that we cannot display the data on the graph or in the table

For the 'current' files, the SCADA/application has continuous access (as if they were kept open all the time and ready for data reading).
However, for the archived files, it needs to query the historian to access them. If we display many archieved historian data it might cause some delays in our diplay