Iconics Suite - direct connection with FX5

Iconics Suite - Melsoft connection with FX5 [Iconics Suite connection]

Detailed description how to configure connection between Iconics Suite SCADA and iQ-R PLC controller using Melsoft Connection
Remember that your PC has to have the static IP address in the same subnet as PLC. FX5 PLC default address is

FX5 side configuration in GX Works3

Open Your FX5 project in  GX Works3  to add new Melsoft Connection.
Go to the  Navigation tree -> Parameter -> FX5CPU -> Module Parameter -> Ethernet Port.
Then from the  Module Parameter Ethernet Port tab please open  External Device Configuration -> Detailed Setting.

Drag and drop  MELSOFT connection   from  Module List -> Ethernet Selection -> Ethernet Device (General) ->  MELSOFT connection .

Save settings nad close window (Ethernet Configuration -> Close with Reflecting the setting)

Please don't forget to apply the settings.

Rebuild the project.

Send the project to the PLC.

Workbench (Iconics Suite) side connection

In Workbench go to the Project Explorer : Data Connectivity -> Mitsubishi Electric -> Context Menu -> Network Discovery...

Click the Start Discovery button.

When finding a equipement end select which equipment you want to use in your project and click Import

Now find your device in the project tree and using context menu click Add Tag Group.

Name your tag group, add tags and remmeber to apply any changes.

Now, open the context menu on your device and click Activate Device.

The conncection is working and your tags are visible in GraphWorx64 and ready to use.

GraphWorX64 Data Browser view