Iconics Suite - Installation guide

Iconics Suite - Installation guide

This article will guide you how to prepare your operating system and database to install Iconics Suite.
Please note that you will have to have Windows full admin user account to install Iconics properly!
To complete Iconics Suite installation without any troubles please prepare ISS and Database before you start Iconics Suite Installation.

IIS (Internet Information Services)

To enable IIS in your operating system please open start menu and run Turn Windows features on or off

Look for the Internet Information Services and check box next to it.

Microsoft SQL database

Database installation

MS SQL Server installation is included on Iconics Suite installation .ISO
Please start RunMe application from Iconics Suite installation .ISO
Go to Additional Tools tab nad click: SQL Server 2017 Express

From MS SQL Server installation menu please click: New SQL Server stand-alone installation...

Go through whole installation using default settings.

SQL Server Management Studio installation

We need to install SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) to properly configure MS SQL Server.
SSMS have direct link to installation file on the MS server and it's included on Iconics Suite installation .ISO
Please start RunMe application from Iconics Suite installation .ISO
Go to Additional Tools tab nad click: Download SQL Server Management Studio v18

After downloading SSMS please install it with default settings.

Database configuration - SSMS part

To configure database please start SQL Server Management Studio

Please login to server using your Windows user credentials.
Open context menu on server name and choose Properties.

Go to Security tab and select SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode

Go to the Security->Logins in server configuration tree and open properties for sa user.
In General tab change password and switch off Enforce password policy option.

Switch to the Status tab.
Switch Permission to connect to database engine to Grant.
Switch Login to Enabled.

Database configuration - Computer Management part

Right click on the menu start and choose Computer Management

Go to the SQL Server Services and confirm that SQL Server is Running and it's start mode is Automatic.
Also start SQL Server Browser (in case that you would configure Iconics from external Workbench).

Go to the SQL Native Client 11.0 Configuration (32bit) -> Client protocols.
Enable TCP/IP and set port to 1433.

Go to the SQL Server Network Configuration -> Protocols for SQLEXPRESS.
In the Protocol tab Enable TCP/IP and set port to 1433.

Switch to the IP Addresses tab.
Go to IP All category.
For the property TCP Dynamic Ports remove any number - leave it blank (NOT 0)
For the TCP Port set 1433.

Go to the SQL Native Client 11.0 Configuration -> Client protocols.
Enable TCP/IP and set port to 1433.

To enable all changes please restart SQL Server.

Windows Firewall PORTs configuration

This configuration gives you possibility to work on server running on PC1 from external station on PC2 using Workbench.

Open the advanced Firewall settings.

Open PORT 1434 UDP

Go to inbound rules and add new rule

Add PORT rule.

Select the UDP protocol and point port number as 1434

Choose security conditions - allow for connection.

Select types of network for this connection.

Name your new rule and confirm by clicking Close

Open PORT 1433 TCP

Please add another inbound rule just like one before but for PORT 1433 and for TCP protocol.

Start SQL Server Browser

Please start for your SQL Server instance SQL Server Browser. This will be needed to find out your server by other computers.
It was already mentioned in this instruction but we will remaind it again for those of you looking for complete steps to start work from external PC.

Right click on the menu start and choose Computer Management

Start SQL Server Browser

Iconics Suite installation

Please start RunMe application from Iconics Suite installation .ISO
Go to Main Installation tab nad click: ICONICS Suite.
The installation will start.

First part is to configure operating system and install all necessary drivers, applications and framworks.

When preparation of operating system will be over you will be asked to restart computer.

After restarting your computer please once again start Iconics Suite instalator.
Please start RunMe application from Iconics Suite installation .ISO
Go to Main Installation tab nad click: ICONICS Suite.
The installation will check system once again then it will proceed to the Iconics Suite itself installation.

Main installation begin. Click Next.

You will be able to select wich modules to install. For education purposes stay with defaults.

Keep default settings.

Keep default settings.

This is very important moment.
Here you have to fill in the full Admin credentials for Windows that Iconics Suite will use.

Now your will create first Iconics Suite user which automaticaly will be Admin for Iconics application.

Next step is important cause we should change the  authentication metod to SQL Server authentication and use sa as login and password which we change on server erlier using SSMS.
Rest of options can stay as default. Those includes configuration of Projec Database (IcoSetup) and first default and active project (IcoUnifiedConfig) and SQL server instance where those databases will be created. 

The next step confirm that all the settings are good and click Install to proceed the installation.

When all files will be copied and Iconics Suite will be configured you will be asked for restart Windows.

After Windows restart you can start using Iconics Suite.

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