Iconics Suite - Using Clone Dynamic with Smart Symbols [Iconics syntax]

Iconics Suite - Using Clone Dynamic with Smart Symbols [Iconics syntax]

This article show special syntax that have to be use in Smart Symbol to use it with Clone Dynamic
This article focus on non "zero" base asset name - we will use the asset that their numbering starts from "1"

Prepare Assets

- prepare assets as on the illustration below

Create Smart Symbol

- create simple Smart Symbol contains only rectangle and Process Point with one Smart Property : AssetPath (StringDataSource)

Use Clone Dynamic

- put your Smar Symbol in the stack panel and add Clone Dynamic function to you symbol
- configure instantiation base on the asset count

Configure Smart Symbol properties syntax

- syntax is more complex cause we will show how to increment in Clone Dynamic starting from 1 not from 0

- Exact syntax in Expression editor:

- configure expression for binded dataSource of Process Point

You can find the sample display in attached file

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