INV - FR-E800 - EM-A Start-up Quick Guide (speed/position control mode)

INV - FR-E800 - EM-A Start-up Quick Guide (Speed / Position control mode)

The article provides information about basic parameter for EM-A motor to start speed or position control mode. 
E800 Firmware version requirement: 9 or later

You can easily make FW update via FR Configurator2; Click Tool -> Firmware Update Tool

1. Hardware connection

Connection should be performed as for basic induction motor. No encoder feedback is required or any additional signals to use EM-A  for Positioning Mode.

Remember to use wiring below 100m when connecting any PM motor. For EM-AMF(B) 0.1kW 200V motor, the wiring lenght should be 30m or shorter. For EM-AMF(B) 0.4kW 400V motor, the wiring lenght should not exceed 50m. Use one PM motor for one inverter. Connecting multiple PM motors is not possible.

When wiring lenght exceeds 50m for 400V class EM-A motor driven by an inverter under PM sensorless vector control, set "7" (4kHz) or less in Pr.72 PWM frequency selection. When the wiring lenght exceeds 50m for 400V class motor (other than Mitsubishi Electric EM-A) driven by inverter under PM sensorless vector control, set "9" (6kHz) or less in Pr.72 PWM frequency selection.

2. Basic parameters

We can set parameters by parameter list form PU unit or FR Configurator2 software.

2.1 Using Parameter List

Pr. 71   - "1140" motor type EM-A
Pr. 80   -  motor capacity
Pr. 800 - "10" PM sensorless vector control OR "13" PM Position control OR "14" Speed / position control switchover
Pr. 998  - "3044" Monitor display in Rotation per Minute OR "3144" Monitor display as Frequency.

Pr. 998 can ot be set via FR Configurator2. Please perform parameter setup by PU display.

If in Pr. 800 we put value "13" OR "14" we have to assign Servo ON signal.

Pr. 183 - "23" Servo ON / LX on input signal MRS

By Pr. 1220 - set position command method as shown below

Set Point Table via parameters as shown below

2.2 Using Built-in Motor setup by FR Configurator2

You can perform fast and easy setup of EM-A motor using simplified window configuration in FR Configurator2

Go to Parameter -> Motor -. Motor settings and choose appropriate settings

Do not set motor capacity in above window

Set Pr. 80   -  motor capacity regarding motor plate.

Set LX/Servo ON signal in input terminal MRS as below

Prepare Point Table to operate regarding your requirements

2.3 EM-A Offline Autotuning

It is not required to perform Offline Auto Tuning as inverters with EM-A configuratuion have proper algorythm already implemented to perform troubleless operation. If you have any doubts or problems regarding working behaviour or shaft oscillations during Servo ON, this operation may be helpful.

Position accuracy compensation gain tuning is performed. (Note: The motor rotates within one mechanical revolution.) (EM-A motor only)

It is recommended to perform the autotuning procedure if there is any doubt about the parameterization of the machine. Pr. 96, value "301" is responsible for this process.  After setting value, reset Inverter and after rebooting, set STF or STR command via PU or EXT inputs. For a detailed description, refer to the  FR-E800 Instruction Manual (Function), chapter 14.3.

3. Speed control

You can simply perform operation as basic induction motor in Speed mode (U/f)

4. Position Control

In order to perform operation in Position control mode, it is necessary to turn Servo ON (MRS signal), select the Logic table (RH, RM, RL, by turning the signals on or off) and allow movement in a given direction STF or STR. This sequence is valid if we perform using EXT signals or Inverter Built-in PLC.

To perform operation via CC-Link IEF Basic network or any other, please refer to article INV - FR-E800 - Position control in Vector Mode