iQ Monozukuri HANDLING FAQ

iQ Monozukuri HANDLING FAQ

This article answered for frequently asked questions about iQ Monozukuri HANDLING.

Q1. For what kind of application this package is useful?

This solution provides machine libraries for controlling the simplified robot (link configuration), application examples (programs and GOT screens), machine program support tool, machine control simulator, and machine attitude monitor. The simplified robot can be developed by installing a machine library in the motion CPU module and used to create applications for transportation purposes in addition to motion control such as positioning and synchronous control.

At this moment that library support 8 type of kinematic, below you can all:

Q2. Where to find documentation?

It is possible to download this document in e-Manual Viewer.

Additional documents mentioned in that manual you can find too in e-Manual Viewer. 

Each type of kinematic have uniq manual, like below. Unfortunately that manuals are avaible only with full library, not in e-Manual Viewer.

Q3. It is possible test on real devises without valid license?

Yes, it is possible. For that you can use Temporary License Registration. After that license will be available for 2 months. Detailed information you can find in Appendix chapter (2 Temporary License Registration)

Q4. Can I test it in simulator?

Yes, it is possible after installing additional software. If this program was not installed, it will be not possible to perform Machin simulator. This software is available in iQ Monozukuri HANDLING package. 

After that it is possible to see moving arm in real time.

Please use System simulator in GX Works3 to have possibility communicate PLC and Motion.

To have possibilities send Motion project to simulator, in [Online->Transfer Setup] please select Simulator in PC side I/F and select target Simulator Transfer Setting, like below picture:

At this moment it is available 1h webinar in polish language. Please check this topic on our technical support forum:

Over there you can find record of this presentation. If you have any additional question please ask in that topic.

Q6. Where I can find all library with all data on Common Platform?

A6. This library is not available for all users. If you are interested that solution please contact with yours sales representative.

Q7. It is possible to control Machin without programing knowledge of Motion SFC?

A7. Yes, it is possible. This library don’t contain that but for easer integration was created Function Blocks for PLC. In that case it is possible to execute machine position without any Motion SFC program. For more detail please check this article forum topic: