Logging and extract data to CSV

MAPS - Logging and extract data to CSV

This manual shows how to logging data during the process and extract this logs to CSV after finishing process. Every process is saved to other CSV file. 
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Creating and logging Analog Agent 

Firstly create Analog Agent and set logging

In logging settings choose logging mode and set data configuration.
In this example data is logging to:

C:\ProgramData\Adroit Technologies\Adroit\Configurations\TEST\Datalogs\Analog

Where “Analog” is name of .lgd file with data.

If after process data into file must be cleared, select option “Clear at start”.
After start logging You should have files into folder as below:
But folder “CSV” is created manually. 

Creating BATCH file 

Before creating batch file paste small console application “extract.exe” into folder with logging data:
C:\ProgramData\Adroit Technologies\Adroit\Configurations\TEST\Datalogs\

For more details about this application look into Adroit Help in Open Configurator

Next step is create BATCH file which extract logged data into .LGD to new CSV file with timestamp when file was created. 
Open notepad and write:
extract localhost.Adroit,LOG$ANALOG_TO_LOG$value,,,0,CSV\LOG_%date%_%time:~0,2%%time:~3,2%%time:~6,2%.csv

Save as ExtractToCSV.bat into the same folder. 
Where ANALOG_TO_LOG is name of Agent with logging data.  As You see in Open Configurator in DataLog Agents:

In this moment You can try Your batch file. Just double-click on him. You should get CSV file with data in “CSV” folder
It was created manually. Next step is create script which will do the same automatically.  

Creating and setting Agent Script to start batch file 

Write name of Agent Script and Add Agent
Choose language as VBScript and create module into the same folder
IMPORTANT: Uncheck “Exclude path from file name”!

Write script text
SUB main()
dim shell
set shell=createobject("wscript.shell")
shell.CurrentDirectory="C:\ProgramData\Adroit Technologies\Adroit\Configurations\TEST\Datalogs"
shell.run "ExtractToCSV.bat"
set shell=nothing

Select a subroutine as main

And choose when script should be started (create CSV)


File name:





Application extract



File with script to run batch file

Batch file to run extract

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