MAPS - where to find

MAPS - where to find

This short article should help you find the right way to get knowledge about MAPS step by step

MAPS installation files / documentation

Under this link you can find MAPS installation files and also complete documentation: MAPS files

Getting started with MAPS / first training

To gett started with MAPS you should read the training manual which is always add to MAPS installation.
After MAPS installation you can find training manual under this path:
c:\Program Files (x86)\Adroit Technologies\MAPS\Documentation\MAPS 4 - Training Manual (Basic).pdf

More detailed inofrmation about MAPS

For more detailed info look to the MAPS help which is also available in MAPS by pressing the question mark icon.

MAPS forum

Another usefull source of knowledge is MAPS forum you canfind it under this link : MAPS Forum
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