Navigator Labels

Exchanging Labels - Navigator, GX Works3, GT Designer3

This document shows the sample way for preparing label exchange between Mitsubishi PLC and HMI

Navigator setting

Building workspace

Create new workspace. Initialize it with network configuration.

After this step, you can choose what is included to the project, in ‘Module List’ window (default at top-right corner). Drag and drop elements to the central window. In this case, there are iQ-F PLC and GOT2000 selected. 

This elements will be connected via Ethernet cable, so network is needed to be made. 
First of all, there should be made a  configuration of GOT settings. Click at GOT icon and define IP address and other options in ‘Detailed Configuration Information’(bottom-right corner as default).

In ‘Module List’ window expand ‘Network’ and place correct line. After that, connect elements to the network by adequate cables from ‘Network Configuration’ toolbar. 

Double click on iQ-F PLC opens window for PLC config. The way of it is the same as during network configuration. IP and communication setting also should be done similarly. Make sure that PLC is connected to Ethernet network and its Station No is unique in workspace. Example is shown below.


Creating System Label List

System Labels List is used to exchange labels between devices in workspace. The important thing is to change name of default list. It should contain only Latin letters and numbers, no spaces and special letters. After opening the list there is possibility to create labels for workspace. Make few of them and click ‘Reflect to System Label Database’.

GX Works3 setting

To create project for PLC, open iQ-F Module Configuration and double-click on CPU. There are several differences between standard project and this created in Navigator, some options are blocked, some of them are set by Navigator (these options are indicated in green).
Before operating the database, project should be compiled and saved. Select ‘Global’ in project tree and create few labels. Next, click ‘Import System Label’ to acquire previously created elements.
Later on, compile and save project to enable synchronizing labels.
Next, try to send PLC’s labels to database. Select labels, click ‘Reservation to Register System Label’ (label color changed to yellow) and ‘Reflect to System Label Database’ and register labels (label color changed to blue). 

GOT setting

Create project for GOT in Navigator Network configuration by double-click on GOT icon. This project is also predefined in some places by Navigator. Database is initially connected  with GOT, so labels are visible for user. To use them, create i.e. button and proceed in the way shown below:

After creating button, save project. This operation should connect label with correct device. Take a look at device description on button:

Navigating Database

In case of any change in system, save is required. The best practice is to click ‘Save’ in Navigator window, that allows to save every connected project and ensure correct cooperation in workspace.
Adding Label


Updating Labels
Pic. 2 Click icon on bottom-left corner or 'Save' Pic. 2 Click icon on bottom-left corner or 'Save'
Deleting Label

Renaming Label
This operation is not available. Name of label can be done for PLC side.

GX Works3 side

Adding new label

Importing labels

Releasing, deleting, renaming label


Releasing or deleting label in GX Works3 project do not change state label in Database.
Renamed labels stay connected with Database. Both names (System and project name) are visible in list.  System name stays the same.

GOT side

Importing/Updating Labels

Using existing label
Confirm changes.

Adding Label
Undefined label appears until operation is finished.

Created label must be obtained in PLC (import to PLC) to get device address.
After that, check database again.
Releasing, deleting, renaming label
None of these operations can be done via GT Designer3 software.


In case of any error, check it in ‘Output -> Task List’ window at Navigator. Take a look at bottom- left corner, where small icon appears in case of problem. Right-click on it to open creator which helps user to maintain error. 

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