SLMP connection with robot. Sending global and status variables to SLMP Client

SLMP connection with robot. Sending global and status variables to SLMP Client

FR series robot (CR 800 controllers) have additional option of SLMP communication server implemented as standard.
This enables to obtain several data from robot controller without complex configuration.
With additional configuration there is possibility to set up variables as visible for SLMP Client.
In this example GOT 2000 is communicating with robot.

Functionality specification

Range of available devices

List of available registers is described in the previous documentation.

Range of available variables

From the robot side, it is possible to assign all types of global variables:
  1. Standard robot status variables (like M_cstp, P_curr, etc)
  2. Additional options variables (like MELFA Smart Plus statuses)
  3. Global External variables (like M_00, P_10, etc)
Local and user-defined external variables are not supported.

PLC device assignment function

For details of this function and assignment of devices for particular types of controller, refer to the Detailed explanations of functions and operations manual.
Chapter 6.8.

SLMP server function is based on PLC device assignment function. For this purpose, devices in the range from D4096 to D5119 (1024 registers in total) can share values of global and status robot variables.
Read/write permissions depends on individual variable functionality.

To obtain robot variables, parameter DDEVVL** needs to be set( available range from DDEVVL01 to DDEVVL32).
Each parameter assigns only one robot variable to D device. Therefore, up to 32 variables can be assigned. 

DDEVVL Parameter explanation and setup

Element NumberElement nameSetup description
Element 1
 Variable type
0: Not set
1: Program external variables
2: State variables 
Element 2
 Data type
0:Integer type
1: Long-precision integer type
2: Single-precision real number type
3: Double-precision real number type
4: Position data type
5: Joint data type
6: Workpiece coordinate type
7: Character string type
Element 3

Element 4
Used to assign data types that include real numbers. 
(Ignores all other data types stated in Element 2 except 2 to 6.)

0: Variables of single-precision real number type (including position, joint, and workpiece coordinate types) are multiplied by 10e4 and then assigned as long-precision integer type. Variables of double-precision real number type are multiplied by 10e8 and then assigned as 64-bit integers (twice the length of longprecision integers).

1: Variables are assigned as they are.
 Element 5
Variable name
 (Ex.) M_100, J_Fbc, or similar 
Element 6
For external variables: Array elements

For status variables: Argument 1 Setting range: Blank (when omitted) or from 0
Element 7
Argument 2
 (Only for state variables)
Setting range: Blank (when omitted) or from 0
Element 8

Element 9
Number of bytes of a character string variable
(Ignores all other data types stated in Element 2 except 7.)
Specify the sum of 1 (area where a 1-byte character string is saved) and the maximum number of bytes of a character string variable to be assigned. Setting range: 1 to 240
Element 10
Start D device number
Setting range: 4096 to 5119
(Ex.) Specify 4096 for D4096

There are two ways of this parameter setup.
Please note that both samples shown below presents the same parameter configuration.

Setup from parameter list:

Setup from program.
Parameters can be set via program, using "PrmWrite" command.
PrmWrite 1, "DDEVVL01",  " 2, 0, 0, 1, M_Ovrd, , , , 1, 4096" 
Please find sample configuration program attached.

Robot configuration

In case of implementing your own SLMP Client, refer to this documentation to obtain SLMP specification.
Chapter 3.5.

Parameters of SLMP communication are described below.

Parameter nameDescriptionFactory setting
SLMPPORT Set the SLMP server communication port No. (1024 to 65535)45237 
Set the SLMP server communication protocol.
 0: TCP 1: UDP 1 
SLMPNWNO Set the SLMP network number. (1 to 239) 1
SLMPNDID Set the SLMP station number. (1 to 120)1

HMI configuration

Whole configuration of HMI project is described on the graphics below. SLMP communication is available under CLPA Manufacturer.


File name:


SLMPSETUP.prgSample program
Robot SLMP data exchange.GTX
Sample GOT project for SLMP communication

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