Socket Communication Robot CR-7xx controller and FX5

Socket Communication Robot CR-7xx controller and FX5

Document describes how to set up simple socket communication between robot (series: S and F with CR7xx, CR8xx controller) and FX5 PLC. 
If you have robot with CR8xx controller it’s also recommended to use CC-Link IE Field Basic network because it’s much easier and convenient in using (Ethernet Function Instruction Manual; BFP-A3379). Connection is described in article


Physical connection: Ethernet cable direct or via switch, built-in Ethernet ports (there’s no need any additional equipment)

IP addresses: FX5 (, Robot (

PLC parameter settings

Robot parameter settings

Robot IP

Robot connection settings

PLC program example – typical Socket communication

Robot program example

'Communication program - data exchanging with PLC (Ethernet Native Strings)

'running mode: ALWAYS (Slot Table parameters)


If M_Open(1) <> 1 Then  'Opening port no 10005

Open "COM5:" As #1

Wait M_Open(1)=1



Print #1,"03"   'data (string) sending



Input #1,c100$   'all input from PLC (string)

M_11=Val(c200$)  'data conversion and writing to global variable M_11


Print #1,M_21  'data conversion to string and sending

If M_Cstp<>1 Then GoTo *A